About Us

Thank you for visiting Morocco Naturals! 

We are a Utah based company dedicated to providing you with products containing the highest quality, all natural ingredients. We are devoted to creating products that will nourish your skin and body, and we consistently ensure this by not using preservatives or chemicals. "Feed the Skin... Nourish the body" We have stood by this motto for nearly ten years and will continue to do so as we provide quality skin and body care. 


Morocco Naturals was inspired out of the desire to have all-natural health and beauty products for our families. We realized that we needed to create products that were made from ingredients that the body could recognize. Using high quality essential oils and butters, we started creating our own health and beauty products that did not contain artificial ingredients, preservatives or chemicals.                                                                                                                                                                    

ToothFairy toothpaste was our first product. After reading on the label of a leading tooth paste to “call Poison Control if swallowed”, we knew we had to find something different. From there, Morocco Naturals was born! 

Since then, we have done hours of research and development, and learned more about our bodies and what contributes to overall good health. Our goal is to continue making products that we feel will benefit the mind and body, and provide a healing experience that will prove to be beneficial for all.


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