The Greenhouse Wellness Center

The Greenhouse Wellness Center

The Greenhouse Wellness Center

The Greenhouse Wellness Center

This week I was able to sit down with Erin Fonoti, a local entrepreneur who combined her love for plants and nature and Yoga, Wellness, and Spiritual Exploration and Expansion. 

Let’s break down some of these services, so we can fully understand Erin and her company. 


We all know about yoga, but do we understand what it fully does for our bodies? Yoga originates from ancient India, the aim of this practice is to still the mind, while realizing there is a detached consciousness from the mind and that of mundane suffering. Yoga in the western world is practiced as a modern form of hatha yoga, which focuses on posture-based physical fitness, stress-relief, and is an overall relaxation technique. 



Wellness is an ‘active pursuit’ of an optimal state of health and wellbeing for you as an individual. It includes finding what practices help you achieve your physical goals, while maintaining a physical, mental, and spiritually rich life. 


Spiritual Exploration and Expansion

Spiritual exploration means that we explore our personal belief while we respect the practices of others. Spiritual exploration and expansion looks further into combining how your body and soul work together, while finding out what your soul can do, and who it is as an individual, thus combining both your spiritual and physical selves identities. 


Combining All The Practices

Now, how does Erin combine these three practices, with her love of plants and nature? By practicing them inside of a greenhouse! Who doesn’t love spending time in a greenhouse!

Picture that perfect time you first walked through a greenhouse, probably early spring time, looking for plants to tend for that year, whether you were wanting to start a garden or just spruce up your home with some beautiful plants, we have all had that feeling of a fresh start at a greenhouse. Those surrounding warm smells of fresh plants, workers having freshly watered these beautiful plants adding to a little humidity surrounding you in the air.

What got you interested in your business? 

“I have always loved the feeling you get when you step into a greenhouse: the heat, the humid air, the feeling of life that permeates the air. It feels like walking into the warm embrace of Mama Gaia herself. One day as I was walking through a greenhouse in SLC, I had the thought, ‘Wouldn’t it be perfect to practice yoga in a greenhouse?’

“At that time, I wasn’t certified to teach yoga but was practicing on a pretty regular basis. With that thought, and several other factors, I decided that I would one day own a greenhouse yoga studio. I started taking my yoga teacher certification course and day dreaming of my one day studio.”

Was the product/service always something you have been interested in? If not, what really stuck when you learned about it more? 

“No, not always. I can remember a time when I felt like yoga wasn’t a good enough workout for me. I didn’t understand it’s power or purpose back then. There was also a time when I couldn’t keep a single house plant alive. I thought I had a black thumb. But my grandma was a magnificent plant-grower, and I was determined to follow in her footsteps. And when it came to yoga, honestly, I can’t remember the first time I took a class and felt that connection that made it become an important part of my life. I’m pretty sure it was in a Bikram class in Ogden. 

“Both things, yoga and plants were seeds. They were planted in the soil of my mind, and after the dark, in-ground period, they took root and began to sprout. Now they both flourish in my life and continue to grow and thrive. I am so excited to see how they continue to grow and evolve.”

What have you learned about your product/service? 

“With the greenhouse, I’ve learned that when you are trying to control something that has its own life, or consciousness, you will almost certainly fail. However, learning to work WITH it and allow it to be what it is and direct it in a way that facilitates its natural growth and expansion while also serving your needs or desires, that is where the magic is. 

“With the yoga practice, I’ve learned that yoga, breathwork, and mediation are all jumping off points. In the beginning yoga and meditation was where it was at for me. I wanted everyone to be able to experience the bliss I found with that sacred practice. But as I began teaching, my desire to work with people to further their spiritual and self-empowerment journey has expanded and now that is where I look to expand into. 

“With both the plants/greenhouse and yoga/wellness, there is so much room for expansion and growth. Both are ever evolving, organically.”

How do you think people would benefit from your product/service? 

“Walking into The Greenhouse Wellness Center, you experience an immediate sense of awe and peace. Plants hold a very high vibration naturally, so when you come into our space your cells and soul react to it in a very positive way. 

“Through all the high-vibing activities that take place in the space, like yoga class, meditation, various ceremonies and workshops, the plants get an extra boost of that healing frequency, so when you take one of the plants for sale home, you get to bring some of that with you. 

“The healing benefits of yoga and meditation are well documented all over the internet. But the community we’re building is another huge benefit of participating in our classes and events.”

What is something you wish people knew more about your product/service? 

“That we exist. We are a very small, grass-roots, operation. In fact, the greenhouse is located in my backyard. We will one day grow and create a more commercial space that will have more of a ‘business’ feel, but only if we can grow in members and participants. I long to touch as many lives as possible. I am holding the faith that those who need what I have to offer will find me. But for now, I’d just love to say, ‘Hello, world. We’re waiting for you!’”


Learn more about Erin and her company on her website or her Facebook page
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