Mint And Skin Care

Mint And Skin Care

If you have ever washed your face, brushed your teeth, or even used a lip balm or shampoo containing mint, then you know that it provides that cool refreshing feeling that leaves you feeling extra clean.


Mint has been proven to help relieve acne on skin that is prone to breakouts. Mint has antibacterial properties, these properties provide the following benefits to your skin: (via

1. Brightens your complexion

2. Treats Acne

3. Soothes Mosquito Bites and Other Irriations

4. Hydrates Your Skin

5. Tones Your Skin

6. Gets Rid of Blackheads

7. Rejuvenates The Skin

8. Slows Aging

9. Lightens and Removes Acne Scars

10. Diminishes Under Eye Dark Circles

On top of creating a healthy skin care routine with mint, including it in your oral care will help improve your gum health, fight infection, and fight bacteria growth (via 

Now that we have given you all this information on mint and its benefits you may be wondering what are natural ways that you can include it into your daily routine. 

Fruit infused water has become a very popular things, whether you are doing it for taste or for other health benefits, we recommend adding some mint into your water with the fruit, providing a great way of getting mint into your body to help fight off any illness. 

Another simple solution to getting more mint into your diet is mint tea. Whether you get premade tea bags from the store, or make your own tea naturally, this is a great way to continue to fight off any illness, or just has a refreshing hot drink. 

Did you know that the smell of mint alone can help curb your appetite? You can have the mint plant sitting in your home blessing it with its natural aroma, or you can get some natural essential oils, put into a diffuser, and your nose and body will thank you. (via

What are ways that you have included mint into your daily routine that you would recommend to others? 

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