Baking Soda Toothpastes

Baking Soda Toothpastes

Baking soda toothpaste is a great alternative if you are looking for a more natural toothpaste to switch into your daily routine. There are several benefits to using it in your daily routine, which we will break down, but we will also quickly touch upon some of the cons that people see with using baking soda toothpaste. The taste and texture is different than regular toothpaste, which can be difficult for people to adjust to, with our Toothfairy recipe, one of our main focuses is ensuring that there is a good taste paired with the baking soda. 

Using baking soda toothpaste helps remove up to 5x more plaque than fluoride based toothpastes do. With fighting off the extra plaque it also balances the acid level in your mouth, which helps protect your enamel more. If you drink a lot of coffee, or other heavy caffeinated based beverages, baking soda toothpaste helps to balance the ph levels in your mouth. While baking soda toothpaste doesn’t fight off cavities like fluoride based toothpastes do, it does fight off the acid, plaque, and bad breath.

If you are looking for a toothpaste that is safe for your kids to use, especially if they are prone to swallowing the paste while brushing, baking soda toothpaste is the perfect solution. This toothpaste, safe to swallow, also has a great taste that your kids will enjoy. 

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